It would be easy to pretend that everybody loves taking photos and being in front of the camera, but that just isn't the case. Photoshoots can be nerve-wracking, especially if you are not familiar with the process. All of it can feel awkward without the right guidance and photographer.

After posting these images I received comments back stating "I could never do a shoot like that" or "I don't have the confidence for this", but I am here to tell you, YES YOU DO!! I hope this post helps you out and makes you feel more confident at your next photography session! Let me help you find your confidence.

Get To Know Your Photographer!

These photos are from my most recent styled shoot, and the model is my best friend, so of course - it always helps to know the photographer!

Take some time and do some research. Find a photographer that has a style you like. Ask people that have worked with them for a review.

Plan Ahead

Talk to your photographer about shots/vibes you want for your photos. Start a Pinterest board and share your ideas visually! If you're not big on color coordinating, ask your photographer for tips and outfit ideas! I know for myself, I love to put mood boards together for my clients. This also helps with my style and keeping everything consistent.

Focus On Yourself

Taking photos in public can be daunting, but I can guarantee that no one cares. Focus on the moment and create beautiful memories!

Have Fun

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!! Feel your oats. You are all dressed up and looking stunning, soak it in! Check out a few of the photos from my most recent styled shoot. Want your own fun, creative session? Shoot me a message, I'd love to work with you!